BMD of Turkey, founded in September 2001, is a leading association in retail sector in Turkey.


500 brands from ready-to-wear, shoes, communication, home appliances, cosmetic, accessories, home decoration and furniture sectors and department stores, are operating on 6.100.000 sq.m selling space on 58.000 selling points. Members of BMD are employing more than 420.000 people. The 2022 turnover of BMD member companies is around 50 billion USD.


BMD’s vision is to get Turkey moved to the leading position of the region’s and world’s fashion by 2023 and to promote Istanbul in order it becomes the centre of brands. To this vision, BMD’s mission is to ensure the transformation of Turkey into the brand’s economy by increasing the strength of our brands and skills of Turkish retail.


In the context of this vision and mission, BMD established the strategy of “the transformation of Turkey into the brand’s economy” This strategy is based on the “export of our brands” and its aim is to support Turkey to become one of the biggest 10 economies in the world.


BMD is also working for the international enlargement and competitiveness of our brands as another factor of the brand’s economy. The target of BMD for Turkish brands is to have 20.000 stores in the world by 2023, the centenary of the Republic of Turkey.


Among BMD’s activities, one can indicate special retail courses, presentations at the schools and universities, national and international congress and conference partnerships, official visits, seminars and meetings.


As a social responsibility project, BMD members produced products including shoes, shirts, and coats for primary school students in all over Turkey. This project will continue until there is no child without any coat and shoes.  


BMD is a

Member of National Retail Federation

Member of European Brands Association Anti-Counterfeiting Committee